365/2013 20-28

365 20-29

20. (not 21... ug sorry) I made a new friend Owen, he's also a photographer, we talked for ages, it was great. 21. Because of the snow I got to leave work early, so I took advantage of the hour of sunlight and took my LC-A around the Abbey in the snow. 22. I also took photos in the snow with my Superheadz. 23. Pub dinner! 24. A little pick me up after a rubbish day. 25. I found some 98p film in Morrisons, so I bought a few. 26. We went for a walk around Sinsty Reservoir and it was beautiful. 27. Sunshine! I could barely believe it. It's gone now of course... 28. Our first run of the year... in the rain. It was pretty awful but great to be out running again.

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