Wish I may...

fuji 3000 2

Yesterday Susannah wrote a post with her 12-12-12 wishes and also referred to her wishes from 09-09-09 which reminded me that I wrote a wish post in 2009 as well. I'd completely forgotten! (And yup, I've been a Susannah fangirl for that long.)

Looking at my last wish list, a lot of my wishes are still the same (in italic below), some don't seem to matter as much any more, and some came true (See our garden above and my Diana Mini photos. Yeay!) So here are the wishes that I noted down yesterday to share today...

~~ I wish for mine, my family and friends, and Thomas's happiness. I wish to travel the world and take photos everywhere. I wish to continuously love.  I wish for jeans that never rip at the thighs. I wish for perfect little nieces and nephews to cuddle and spoil (hehe, sorry Mikela), I wish I could drive (without the long learning process and cost, meh), I wish for continued life surprises, I wish to write my own book*, I wish to keep creating things, especially blankets and I wish for my very own puppy (and maybe a kitten for Thomas too). ~~

When I wrote my last wish list I mentioned about being brave enough to commit to one thing... and although that was what I thought I wanted at the time, I've realised that in the last 3 years, I've committed myself to a number of things without realising: blogging, my photography and writing professionally. The last one I did not expect, and its only been in this last year but I have seriously loved it. To the point of where I actually want to write more somehow, but what to write?!

In doing this process again, I've realised that I don't actually truly wish for that much, really I just want to be happy and being happy for me isn't about getting more things and achieving ridiculous goals, it's about accepting that things don't always work out to plan and going with it, it's about realising what I already have, it's knowing who I am and what I really want, not what I think you want.

*Ha, I did not see that one coming, but it's out there now... yikes!