Some of my favourite 2012 photos...

I shared some of my favourite photos from the year in yesterday's calender but I've taken so many that it was quite hard to narrow it down, so here are a few that didn't make the cut :)

Looking out to Sea Photo38_36 Photo04_0A Photo11_11 Photo07_7 Photo09_6 Photo06_2A Photo25_22A Photo31_27A Photo03_1

Of course I had to include one of Harry :) such a sweet little mischievous face.

I've felt a bit stiffled with my photos lately, as its just been so dark and cold, I haven't wanted to take many, so it's nice to see that I have taken a lot that I love this year. I'm also starting to get excited about having time off during the holidays to take photos too, hurray!

p.s. For camera, film etc, click on each photo to go to the Flickr page, it should have more info on it in the tags.

p.p.s. I took a 12:12 12/12/12 photo on Instagram, just because.