Whitby Abbey Double Dips

I have a soft spot for ruined buildings... and Whitby Abbey didn't disappoint in terms of photographic potential. In fact I have more photos of the abbey with three other cameras and films, which I'm looking forward to sharing at some point but I knew I had to share these first from my Double Dip as I find them so exciting.

 How gorgeous and saturated are those colours, I can't get over them, especially as it wasn't that sunny a day and it's a colour negative film, not a cross processed slide film - though it is iso 400 which I think definitely helped to get these results.

I realise that I am probably the only person excited about these, but I may have already found the film that suits this camera and I always love that feeling, that click where it just feels right, its almost like I can imagine all the future photos I'll take with that camera and film, as they are perfect for each other...  In fact, I think I'm more excited about this cheap, home modified, small, plastic, unassuming camera and its potential than I have been about a new camera for a while and amazingly, I almost didn't take it with me.

Location: Whitby Abbey, England
Film: Lomo Colour Negative 400
Double Dip