Getting myself back out there...

I've been really struggling with blogging lately - more in terms of being a part of the blogging community, than actually wanting to blog (When I develop those films from Whitby, I'll have more photos than I'll know what to do with, assuming they are all ok).

The blogs I tend to read are blogs that I have read for years... blog that I truly love reading and in turn bloggers who have become friends and although I try to read new blogs, its hard to find the enthusiasm to get myself out there with a new/different crowd who seem much more savvy, confident and frankly, a little intimidating.

In many ways I've become a bit of a blogging recluse - I've had my blog popularity (at its height 1000 subscribers, if you can believe that - I have no clue who these people were) and in all honesty, I didn't particularly enjoy it, mainly because it made me worry so much about my content and also, if these 1000 would stay liking me or if they even read my blog. I never started this blog to make money, get loads of followers or stress myself out... I wanted to make real connections with real people, not numbers, statistics or profile names.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that moving my blog was probably one of the best things that I've done this year (being considerate to myself and all that) and I am so thrilled that I now have a much more manageable and less intimidating 36 subscribers (according to Google Reader), so please, if you've came over here with me, leave a comment, say hi, ask a question, anything... and we can do this blogging community thing properly and get to know each other better.

p.s. Also, if you have any new blogs you've found lately (that don't intimidate you lol) I would love to see them too, any help would be much appreciated.