Purple Rain...

You can't see the rain really in these photos, but it was raining at the time honest...
Also, there are worse songs to be reminded of when looking at photos right?

This week has kind of sucked so far... work had been kicking my butt, I've finally got my site looking how I want to, but the RSS feed is suffering because of it but I don't want to change it all now that it finally looks right, I just want to somehow make the RSS feed ignore the coding, or replace it somehow? Is that even possible?! I have no idea.

Sdfu;olrui52w6hsdgjasg;jasdgfa... is pretty much how I'm feeling right now and I think the purple stormy skies from the tungsten film  reflect that pretty well.

Camera: LC-A
Film: Lomography Tungsten 64
Location: Scarborough