10 things you might not know about me...

{LC-A, Kodak Portra NC 160 film}

I've been slowly reading through Susannah Conway's book, This I Know, savouring it, thinking over it and really, really enjoying it. This I Know is not a book to be rushed.

In one part of her book Susanah talks about blogging and sets a little challenge to share 10 things about yourself that people don't know, so I decided to just do it. I've been so distracted these past couple of weeks that I haven't felt as in touch with the blogging community as I would like to be, so maybe you could share something about yourself too below? Let's reconnect!

Here goes...

1. I've been in a relationship now for nearly 10 years and it still amazes me.

2. I'm an extrovert. I've never thought about it seriously before but whilst reading Angie's post it just made sense that I was, I talk a lot and to anyone and I am so easily distracted (heh). In many ways its nice to know that I'm not completely crazy but I also know that it doesn't really define me, it just explains (a lot of) the things that I've had to learn to work around and also why I totally don't get some people.

3. I thought that when my little sister got married I would be less worried about her, it turns out that now I just have a little brother (in law) to worry about too.
(Has anyone read the part in Susannah's book about being a big sister? I cried.)

4. In writing that point above, I should probably write that I worry too much.
 and...some nights I'm so worried/anxious I can't sleep.

5. I am the pickiest person when it comes to music, Thomas has almost given up recommending music for me - though I personally think it is this that kept him on his toes for the past 10 years, hehe.

6. We watch a lot of TV and films - there is so much good TV at the moment, we're currently catching up on Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Parks and Recreation and we've just finished watching the whole of Seinfeld for the second time through and about to start again.

7. I loooove classic old films and we've been slowly watching more and more, I've only just seen Casablanca but it was so good - next on our list is To Kill a Mockingbird and I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

8. The healthier you eat, the harder it seems to lose weight.... I'm 100% sure that my body is in super suvival mode and stores any and all food that I eat, just in case... It is incredibly frustrating and slow for me to feel any progress when I'm trying to be good and although I'm not unhappy with how I look, I do want to be trimmer, sometimes I just wish I didn't have to watch every single thing that I eat, all the time... and that sugar free things actually tasted nice.

9. Putting my new site together has made it harder for me to blog here at the moment - I think my heart has already moved home, even if its not official yet... its also made me realise how much I love blogging and how much I've done with it in the past three years. I've seen posts about blogging changing a lot and it has... but I've changed too and I still want to be here and I hope that you do too :)

10. One of my favourite things is hanging the washing out in the garden. Isn't that sad. But it means that one, I have a garden(!) and two, its not raining and even more, its sunny. 

Thomas laughed at me for putting this photo up in our house but I really like it as it reminds me of the little things to be grateful for...
p.s. the photo is totally unrelated, but I like it :)