Out of focus...


{Sometimes I get over excited about a photos potential and forget to let my Yashica Samurai focus properly, oops.}

Over the weekend I've been reading through the 'Thing's I'm afraid to tell you posts' and I'm feeling conflicted about it - in many ways, I'm so glad that people are being honest but at the same time I'm amazed that people really believe that other bloggers lifes are that perfect...
I don't share my feelings often here, but it's not because I'm afraid, or worried that you'll judge me - I already judge myself too harshly and if I don't share something here, its usually because I'm hiding it from myself rather than a larger audience. I know that I am my own worst enemy.

My photos today are technically bad - they are out of focus, you can't make out what you are looking at and at first I was disappointed with them. But after looking at them again, I think that they are beautiful, they remind me to slow down, appreciate the moment, stop being so hard on myself to take the perfect photo and to just wait a few more seconds to let myself enjoy it, let the camera and light do its thing and then, when I'm ready, take the photo.

I think we all need this reminder sometimes - perfection, happiness, wealth and beauty are all relative - what works for me won't work for you - and thats how blogging is too - read a blog because you love it but know (and remember) that behind every amazing photo there is always one (maybe more) that is out of focus too.

Camera: Yashica Samurai
Film:  Kodak Elitechrome ISO 100
Location: Lancashire, England