Spring in Leeds...

I was hoping to have some colour photos to share with you today but my usual photo lab wouldn't cross process my slide film for me yesterday (cue panic and sadness from me) but hopefully I should get that film developed soon and I'll have some colour on here! I did however get another diana mini, black and white roll developed yesterday, finally and I don't think you'll mind these photos so much. I'm completely smitten with them myself.

Honestly, I think that last photo may be my favourite that I've ever taken!

Funny story - I went to take that photo and Thomas moved his hand in to touch the blossom and I thought - urgh, he always gets in the way of my photos - then I realised that actually it was beautiful just as he moved his hand away, so I bullied him into doing again haha and managed to actually get a rather amazing photo... So there you go, sometimes it's ok to restage photos and sometimes it's ok to let your boyfriends into your photos.

Location: Leeds
Camera: Diana Mini
Film: Ilford XP2 ISO 400

p.s. Happy Birthday Grandad!!! I would have written you a whole post but its not your big birthday until next year and I might have something fun already planned for that :) I hope you have a great day, I love you x