Lake Windermere Part 2

This post could really be named 'houses on the lake...' because really, thats mostly what I took photos of. I do love a great looking houses and I especially love the little boat houses along the water too.

Apparently, many industrialists in the 1800's chose to build grand mansions and houses around Lake Windermere and many more amazing houses have been built since too, which has resulted in the area having some of the most expensive houses in the country...

The last house, Belle Isle Roundhouse, is my favourite - it was on a private island in the middle of the lake for one, and its a circular house, how awesome is that?! I bet it looks stunning inside. The front of the house has amazing pillars inspired by Italian architecture, though you can't see them too well here. Imagine having a little island as your back garden...

Location: Lake Winderemere, England
Camera: Yashica Samurai
Film: Lomography CN 400