Forgotten Photos: Norfolk Broads

I did actually do one post of our little day on a boat on the Norfolk Broads, but I took so many more photos that it seems wrong not share more on here.
Also I'm liking the forgotten photos theme for this week...
(you see what I did there... turning lack of inspiration on its head!)

 Photo20_17APhoto24_21aPhoto28_25APhoto23_20A Photo14_11BPhoto15_12aPhoto15_12bPhoto26_23b

It's photos of fun, sunny (ish, it still England) days like this that are going to help me kick January's sorry butt and bring in February on a plus note, sometimes you just need something positive to focus on and this day was one of my all time favourites!

Camera: Yashica Samurai
Film: Kodak ISO 200
Location: The Norfolk Broads