12 for 2012 - Camera 1

12 for 2012 - camera 1 As part of my 'take more photos' goal for this year - I decided that I wanted to use more of the cameras that I haven't actually used before in my collection.

So, first up is my little yellow plastic camera. One of my best friends bought me this in a box of cameras and I've only just got round to using it.. I didn't expect much from it to be honest and unfortunately the roll of film did get stuck in it, so it only produced 6 photos in the end.Photo02_00Photo03_0Photo04_1Photo05_2Photo06_3Photo07_4

I think that the film just stopped rolling on and thats why the two halfs of that film are white as they have been exposed so many times...  which is such a shame as overall I really like the results - for a little point and click 35mm, it was fun, effortless and the results look great with an even contrast and a nice grain.

Perhaps I'll try another film in it before the month is out!

Camera: Yellow Focus Free 35mm Plastic Camera Film: Kodak ISO 200 Location: Leeds.

p.s. Also, I think this project is going to be fun, don't you?