Starting all over again...

Sometimes I wonder why I keep getting new cameras - with each one, I feel like I take a massive step backwards as I have to relearn each camera - it's quirks, its manual settings and well, everything about it and then apply all that I've learnt into taking the photos that I want to take.

And my refurbished LC-A is proving to have a very steep learning curve... but here are some of the better results from Roll 2 - I think the one of me is probably the best and I didn't even take it, haha.

{theres that camera again, love it}


The first two photos are from the Lomography Xmas meet up and the rest were taken in Minehead.

The great thing about testing this camera is that as it has a light meter, I can try photos inside and also when its a bit grim or dark outside - the chandelier and the carousel in particular, I never would have taken with my other cameras, as I know their restrictions... but this camera has amazing potential for variety which I'm really looking forward to exploring more.

Camera: Refurbished LC-A (from 1992, I checked)
Film: Lomography Xpro Chrome
Location: Leeds and Minehead, England