Leeds Lomo Meet Up - My photos...

Last week I finally treated myself to something I've been waiting to get for years! An LC-A!!!!!

Unlike the one that I used in Manchester which was the Lomography LC-A+, I ordered the refurbished LC-A as it was a fair bit cheaper which also meant that I could get the Lomokino too, hurray!!

Side note - the majority of this was bought with Lomography piggie points, if you have a lomo/film camera and you enjoy writing, I highly recommend writing some articles and getting those piggies, it takes a while, I had to write about 20 articles to save enough, but it's possible and fun at the same time.

I decided that the Leeds Lomography Xmas Meet Up was the perfect place to try my newest camera and also to try and take more photos of people... it was a mixed result as I was a bit too experimental with the aperture but overall I love the results with this camera already!

{I completely forgot to ask what this camera actually was, its beautiful though!}

 Happy weekend!!

Camera: Refurbished LC-A
Film:Kodak ISO 200 
Location: Leeds