Me and my photos...


As part of Photo Meditations I have been looking through my photos, trying to analyse them, see where I can improve, notice any patterns...
and it's been much more emotional for me than I expected.

Lately I've been worrying about my blog, worrying that I don't share enough... there are so many amazing blogs I read which are so personal, so open and they write so well. Yet I can never seem to share myself in the same way. I try but I always end up deleting posts before I even publish them, it helps to write them out but I never seem to say what I want properly...


 This week I've realised that I do share so much of myself on my blog, more than I realised, through my photos. I started Photo Meditations to learn how to capture my soul in my photos but what I've been surprised to realise this week is that I already do that. My photos are me. I love them, they are my therapy and looking through them this week and thinking about how I can improve them has made me so happy.

I've been incredibly nervous about sharing my photos on the Flickr group, which seems silly when I share them openly here, but this blog is my space, I ultimately have the control of what appears on here (though I've never had anything bad to really moderate as such if I'm honest, just one amazing anon chuck norris related comment haha). Putting them in the Flickr group in front of my peers and losing that sense of control has been very liberating (as well as scary) but I'm glad that I'm doing it and getting the feedback too.

My favourite thing that I've learnt so far is that I'm happy with how and where my photos are going, I can't wait to apply everything I've learnt and refine them further but I think that my starting point is a solid one.

I never planned for this blog to become a photo blog, but it has because since starting this blog, I've become a photographer, it is a true expression of me and I love it all. Hurray.

Have a great weekend!!
I'll be taking lots of photos :)

p.s. loving the results of the little quiz so far, keep the answers coming!