A little catch up...


Last week was crazy busy... this morning was crazy busy. 

In fact I've only just relaxed and finally had time to pull a blog post together.
I have so much to catch up on, argh! 
I spent Saturday morning trying to relax and looking through Flickr and catching up with Photo Meditations.
and I am hooked.
So far I am loving this course, I even created a gallery of my favourite inspirations at the moment on Flickr. I've never used Flickr like that before, so it was very fun to do and so amazing to see photos that I really loved.
I just want to go out with my camera now... shame it's getting dark already.
p.s. this post is a bit messy but I just wanted to get something out there, 
I have no idea what else to say haha. Hi?
p.p.s. I've fallen in love with this photo again, I remember thinking the sky was pretty when I took it against the silhouette of the person but I actually love the dramatic lines at the bottom of the photo now too.