Photo Meditations...


"I learned that you do not need to be published in books or magazines, or belong to a certain association, or even earn money from your images, to call yourself a photographer. All you need do is hold a camera in your hands with the intention of creating. Recording beauty and decay. Capturing memories. Documenting a scene. Telling a story. Catching a likeness. Exploring your inner world in pixels and film." ~ Susannah Conway.

This time next week I will be starting Susannah Conway's Photo Meditations E-Course and I can not wait. I've been in a bit of a blog rut and I haven't even felt like taking as many photos lately so I'm hoping that doing this will give me the little nudge I need to find my photo and blog mojo again. Hurray!!

p.s. This is my favourite diana mini photo from Paris, the statues were either side of the stairs and I thought they belonged together somewhere instead of being apart... I'm rather proud of it.