Bloggers love Paris...

So many bloggers seem to have been to Paris lately and I have loved seeing everyones different take on Paris in my reader, so I decided to gather them together so I can make everyone else miss/want to go Paris, as much as I do...

First some pretty videos, they capture Paris so well!

paris from Olivia Rae James on Vimeo.
{By Olivia from Everyday Musings}

paris honeymoon from rachelchew on Vimeo.
{By Rachel from Elephantine}

I really wish I'd made a film of our little Paris adventure... though I was busy taking photos and I didn't really have anything to film with...

And now for other bloggers photos, they are all amazing!

~ Olivia's beautiful Paris photos to go with the lovely video ~

~ Kate's first post on her trip to Paris, I can't wait to see more already ~

~ Kate's Boyfriend Thom is also an amazing photographer (they went on photography dates in Paris too, eep) you can see his photos on his blog too ~

~ Emma from Emmadine's 'I love Paris' post ~

~ Celeste's wonderful photos of Paris, we were nearly there at the same time! ~

~Kristina from Kris Atomic Paris posts ~

~ Rachel from Elephantine's photos to support her wonderful video ~

This post is to cheer myself up really, my blog mojo has disappeared this week and I have had a sore tooth/jaw for over a week now... and my Mum and bestie are in cahoots to get me to the doctor (they finally suceeded, boo) - so I'm sulking and this is my pick me up, I hope it picks you up too.

Have a great weekend!
(I'll be sleeping)

p.s. I also did a 'Which camera would you take to Paris' post featuring some of my favourite bloggers and their cameras a while ago... if you're not bored of Paris yet :)