That first evening continued...

After finding the river and enjoying the amazing view, we decided to continue walking around the area on our side of the river before having dinner... we managed to find the Louvre, the Centre Pomidou and some other gems which I just loved.

{can you see me? This one was taken by Thomas with his Sony H7}

We then went for our first French meal - we both had Steak Tartare which was delicious, like a really amazing pate and then desserts.


Thomas had rum baba and I had the nicest creme brulee I've ever tried. As you can see, I was very excited, I seriously love creme brulee.

I also love my yashica samurai, I took 50 photos that first night with a 24 film, you can see the rest that I haven't shared in the films Flickr set here (3 posts on one film is enough lol)

p.s. It's possible I may have taken too many photos in Paris... I'm kidding (of course, you can’t take too many photos of Paris) However, we could be here for a couple of months people... this is 1 film out of 12 I'm just saying.