Around Paris with my Sardina camera...

Our first three days in Paris were mainly spent at Rock en Seine (photos to come) but we were ambitious on Friday morning and we decided to go explore some of the city before heading to the festival.

We walked down the Rue de St Martin and across the river to the Notre Dame and then across the river again to the Palais du Luxemboug and I tested out my first roll of film in my Sardina Sea Pride.
For a first go, I found this camera awkward... its undeniably pretty however I didn't realise you had to pull the lens out and twist it to be ready to shoot - this action felt extremely clunky. I just left mine out in the end, probably not the right thing to do but oh well. Then winding the film back on I managed to catch my knuckle on the edge of the 'can' and cut out a chunk of skin (please tell me someone else has done this as well, was I doing it wrong?) and honestly - the shutter on this camera is pathetic, it sounds so tiny, I wasn't even sure it was working at first. So after using my first roll, I wasn't expecting much as I wasn't blown away by the photo taking experience...
However, I think I actually really quite like these photos - I was expecting the results to be similar to the Superheads Slim and Wide, yet these photos have quite a different quality to them. I think the lens is a little wider and I like how the edges are fuzzy in comparison to the middle and I think if the day had been sunnier (it was nicer when we left or I'd have used a higher iso film definitely) then the colour would have been much more vivid. So despite my original misgivings I am actually quite intrigued by what else this camera can do...

Do you have a Sardina? I'd love to hear what you think of it too.

Location: Ile de la cite and Palais du Luxembourg, Paris
Camera: Lomograpy Sardina Sea Pride
Film: Lomography iso 400 (I think)