Here's to happiness (with photos)

I've slowly been going through my old blog posts and resizing/tagging them all and I realised it's been well over a year since I put together a 'Here's to Happiness' post (inspired by the lovely Naomi, way back in April 2009! Did you ever write one?)

So here is my latest list... with photos (of course...)

1. Happy post - my new perfect custom ordered brooches from Much Love Illy and a lovely unexpected package from Elizabeth at Rosalilium.

2. New cameras to add to my collection.
I will update my collection image soon promise.

3. Visitors in our little garden
(Note. Thomas took the picture of the squirrel with the posh digital camera,
I just edited it with Vignette to suit...)

4. Yellow yellow yellow!! :)

5. The cutest cat... on a trampoline... enough said.

6. Wearing skirts and dresses
(see also tea...)

7. Taking pictures of pretty horses.

8. Nails that match flowers.

9. Amazing window shopping finds
(I really wish my sunglasses had fit in the pug case)

10. More fun (slightly pixely, oops) jumping photos.
(Also my best friends and that rather amazing vintage skirt I'm wearing... I love it)

What's making you happy right now? Aren't these just the best lists!

p.s. You'd think from these posts that I wear skirts/dresses a lot - I really don't, I love my jeans and it takes a lot of encouragement from Thomas/friends to stop me covering my legs, which is why these photos make me happy.