Stratford Upon Avon Part 2

As well as having my Diana Mini with me for our week away, I also took the Yashica Samurai with me and I must admit, this camera is really growing on me. I love that it can pick up details that Lomography cameras can sometimes miss without losing the wonderful grain from the film or the quality of colour I've come to expect from analogue cameras.

{warning, lots of photos coming up, I couldn't bring myself to remove any...}

These were taken around the same area as my last Stratford photos and I find it fascinating to see the difference between the photos, not just with the layout but in how I take them and what I focus on. These capture the atmosphere, the light and the town so well. My photos always make me want to go back. I love that.

Location: Stratford Upon Avon, England

Camera: Yashica Samurai

Film: Lomography Colour Negative iso 400