New cameras!

On Saturday we went to the St Gemma's Hospice vintage fair and I have to admit, it was fairly amazing... though I am probably just saying that as they had one full table of cameras for me and one full table of records for Thomas.
However I did find the most amazing bargain ever!
Fuji Instax 100
A fuji instax 100... for £4!

I saw it as soon as I walked in the room and pretty much shouted 'Thomas, grab that camera, NOW!' Haha, classy Rhianne!

Although the table was full of goodies (some of which I already had which I guess isn't a suprise) I was quite taken with my other camera find... my first TLR camera.

Ross Ensign Ful-Vue Super

I've never seen this camera before but after doing a little research I found out its from 1954 and was very popular after the second World War. We had too much fun Saturday afternoon attemping to take TTV photos...


I think I might have to borrow an DSLR so I can try to take TTV photos properly like Cassia's lovely photos in her shop... I love how they look!