My name is Michelle and I am easily distracted...

hello everybody, i am michelle, of michelle + march, a little blog where i jot down my adventures in analogue photography. when i started my blog last year, rhianne's blog was one of the first few that i came across, bookmarked and have been reading religiously ever since! this is my first time doing a guest post and for a blog as well loved as rhianne's, i am a tad nervous!

so yes, one of my major distractions is my film cameras but today i wanted to share another photography distraction - iPhone photography apps! if i don't have a camera with me, i usually have my iphone and i use it to capture little pieces of my life. right now i have at least 10 apps on my phone but i am still constantly checking the app store for new releases.

here are my top three favourite apps!

1) cross process

cross process is a sweet and simple photo app to have on your phone! there are five filters, the red, green, blue, basic and extreme, for you to manipulate between. you can choose either one or all five to be used. the app also has the option of borders, which i think gives the pictures a more polished look. i love using the red filter to jazz up otherwise ordinary pictures.

basic + red filter
shadows taken at night, with the red filter.
extreme + blue filters
2) pudding camera

the pudding camera app is developed by a korean company but don't be put off by the korean alphabets because this app is amazing. it's also very easy to navigate. there's 8 types of lens (including panorama, fisheye, quad and action) which will produce different sizes of pictures and 8 films (including vintage brown, monochrome, noir and vivid). it also has a little dial for you to set the exposure. the images that it produces are gorgeous!

fisheye cam + noir film
fantasy cam + vivid film
panorama cam + noir film

panorama cam + vivid film
3) shakeit

my very first camera app! i got this because i was amazed at the concept of shaking the iphone for the photo to "develop". technically you don't have to shake it but i like to do it to watch the reactions of people around me and to do it just for the sheer fun of it! this is the least complicated app, all you have to do is choose the type of frame and off you go shooting. there's a polaroid type frame, simple border or frame-less.

i hope you enjoyed me sharing my favourite photo apps and the photographs produced by them. if you have any other apps to recommend, i would love to hear them! :)