Krakow - Around the Planty

Everytime I go to start a post about Krakow, it nearly starts with 'my favourite thing about...' but really, the whole city is my favourite at the moment - and the Planty - the 'green circle' park gardens that surrounded the old town is another feature of the city that I particularly adored. Especially as our apartment was literally across the road from it and we walked around at least one part of it everyday, hurray!

{photos taken with my new fave - the yashica samurai and my fuji instax mini, hurray}

In fact, I think every city needs a park to encompass it so I can walk around in Autumn and admire the beautiful leaves! (Yes, I mean you Leeds!)

In other news my parents are coming to visit this weekend - finally - so I am very excited!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

p.s. my lovely blog friend Eadaoin from City of Blackbirds featured me in her new Inspiration Secrets blog series this week - so if you're wondering what mine are - have a look
(and say hi to Ead, I love her!)