My name is Celeste and I am easily distracted... Maps!

I began my blog, Wanderlust, as a way to document my travels and even though it has become my home for food, life and everyday adventures, the world altogether is what inspires me the most. Maps are special to me because they represent miles and miles all in a single piece of paper. Or in this case... a pillow, or a painting, or a cupcake topper. These pieces of paper represent so many different cultures and so many new places to explore.

In order to commemorate my love for maps, I've put together these beautiful Etsy finds to exhibit how they are beautiful works of art:

maps on etsy

These are only a fraction of the great map-finds on Etsy! I'm learning that maps are much more versatile than I ever thought and I've already started dreaming of new ways to decorate with them. Thanks for having me, Rhianne! In honor of your Polish travels, this last Etsy treasure is dedicated to you!

The World Traveler Pendant, via The Green Daisy.