Ohhh, you're my best friend...

{Post title sung in Queen fashion is required...}

**Warning there will be a number of these posts because... well my friends are amazing!! Both my life friends and my blog friends - and I couldn't be more grateful. **

First up - a much waited for post dedicated to my lovely K...

Over the August bank holiday, K gave me a box for my birthday present and inside was lots of cameras!! 6 cameras to be precise - 2 polaroids, a box brownie(!!!), 2 35mm cameras... and the final camera was K and her sisters old Action Tracker (now named action sampler on Lomography) from when they were little... how amazing is that?!

Note: there are photos of me opening the box but they are still being edited...
its on here now G - you have to send them to me, haha!

How did K know that I've been looking at multi lens cameras for a while now?!
Of course I immediately put a film in it and here are some of my favourite photos from the bbq that my Mum has pretty much every year... I may have used most of the film within the space of a couple of hours, oops!

Action Harry!

Peek a boo!



Turn and... smile!

(sneaky Thomas...)

Lens flare!

Thanks K!!
(and hi to P!)

I love my friends :)
(and cameras...)

Happy weekend!!