Photoswap update!

Hurray, I have finally sent out all the emails with everyones partner information on and the deadline for sending the films has been set at
Friday 6th August 2010.

I am probably more excited about the swap this time around, here are some fun statistics to help you stay excited too!

~ The swap has 86 participants making up 43 pairs~
~35 of these pairs are sending to a partner in a different country ~
(compared to 14 last time!)
~ the participants come from 14 different countries (wow) ~
~including 23 States of America ~

I have set up another Flickr group for this swap called Photoswap 2010 so if you want to join that please do and also if you are a photoswapper please contribute to the 'A little about me!' discussion I started, it would be great to hear from everyone!

I'm starting to take my photos this weekend, so I hope everyone else has as much fun taking them as I plan too!