Happy birthday little Holga...

So its been a year and a couple of days since my little Helga the Holga arrived in the post from Hong Kong.

Needless to say, this camera has changed my life.

Its funny how a few pieces of plastic can have such a dramatic affect on your life but its true. Without this camera my love for 35mm film would not have been reignited, I wouldn't have started a rather large collection of cameras, I never would have opened my shop and I definitely wouldn't have had so many people interested in reading about my camera adventures.
(thanks you guys, you are amazing!)

My little holga is my go to camera, I love the colours, I love the sound of the shutter, I love waiting for the photos to be developed, I love its accidents and its surprises and I honestly can't imagine travelling anywhere without it.

I was planning on celebrating my little holga this week but I have so many posts to catch up on and I'm still recovering from the evil wisdom tooth... so my holga week is going to be next week!

I'm hugely excited about it and you definitely should be too!

p.s. If you havent been around long, you should definitely have a look at my holga posts, you'll fall in love too!