A rather impromptu giveaway - Closed

After finally sorting out my box of cameras - I realised that there was a camera in there that I already had: this little panorama camera!

So I decided that I wanted to give it away to one of my readers!

It takes 35mm film and although I don't believe it has a true wide angle lens like the vivatar slim and wide and the image is cropped by a template onto the negative I still love how the pictures turn out and it was is easy to carry around and snap away happily with.

This camera is a true, cheap plastic camera!

If you're not convinced, here are some examples of photos that I have taken with it
and you can also see more examples here.

I love it and I think one of you will as well :)

:: How to enter ::

This giveaway is now closed!

p.s. if you happen to love film but don't own a film camera and perhaps enjoy a good swap, then now may be the perfect time to enter this giveaway... just saying...