Amazing new sponsor love!!

Hurray! I'm back in the world of blogging feeling refreshed, slightly sunburnt (it was sunny!!!) and ready to share our wonderful weekend away.
(I took a rather amazing amount of instax minis, oops!!)

However... before I do that I am more than excited about sharing my latest sponsor with you

Readers from way back when will recognise Wendy's lovely shop Studio MME from my first big giveaway at 50 followers (including some of her amazing kodak duaflex photos) and from my Etsy 2009 feature!

So I am absolutely delighted to introduce Megan as my new sponsor as not only is Megan's shop beautiful, showcasing just how incredibly talented Megan is, I also count Megan as a wonderful blog friend as well!

Studi MME now focuses on Victorian Pen and Ink prints with some of my favourites including her Time Travelling Tourists and the stunning locket sets (here and here) by Polarity.

As well as having a fantastic shop which I adore - Megan also has a wonderful blog with her development ideas, amazing featured etsy shops every week and helpful tips for both blogging and etsy.

I can not recommend Megan's Studio MME shop and blog enough!
Go check them out!

p.s. Megan is now offering free shipping to followers of her blog and facebook page - click here to read more details.