Fill in the blanks and thing's I've learnt...

It's Friday!! I am seriously beginning to love my Friday routine of blanks and links - maybe I should have titled this post that, haha.

(Inspired once again by the amazing Lauren at The Little Things We Do)

1. The best day ever was - I don't know, I can never pick things like this - I like lots of days...
2. My favorite meal of the day is tea/dinner/evening meal (whatever people call it) since starting our healthy diet we have been eating some amazing food and cooking together - its my favourite part of the day.
3. This weekend will hopefully be as good as last weekend - just in different ways.
4. Never in my life have I eaten ostrich.
5. The only thing better than blogging is tumbling- I am obsessed!
6. I could really do with some sleep.
7. The most recent thing I bought myself was a Cosmic 35 camera from ebay - a real russion, vintage, Lomo camera - I got it for £3 and it is incredibly beautiful. It makes the most amazing sounds!! I'm going to try taking pictures with it ASAP. I love it... happy sigh.
And here are some amazing links for you, I'm so happy its spring and
everyone else is loving yellow too!
  1. I have loved Abby Try Again's spring colours week - the yellow is my fave!
  2. I love all of the images that Lavelle finds but this yellow post is especially gorgeous!
  3. Golden is just another name for yellow!
  4. and to break it up a bit - a boston terrier tea party - yeay for dogs!!
Have a great weekend!!

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