Blanks, links and yellooooow!

This morning I woke up thinking it was Saturday and I'll be honest - I sulked all the way to work that it wasn't - but now I'm so glad its Friday - I love filling out the blanks, sharing some amazing links and encouraging my own obsession with yellow (its bordering on a problem surely..?)

I'm also emailing my favourite girly's, looking forward to my yummy lunch, planning my outfit for tomorrow (which is rare for me lol) and trying not to reblog the amazing cuteness that are puppy photos on Tumblr (eep, too cute!)
( Fill in the Blanks Friday - Inspired, as ever, by the lovely Lauren)
  1. Today I am wearing my usual: jeans, little black vest, dark grey cardigan and pointy flat pumps (it tends to be the colours that vary...)
  2. My favorite childhood food was my Mum and my Nan's roast dinners and my favorite food now is roast vegetable risotto - I love roast veg and any risotto really - but together... yum!
  3. A day that I am too busy to do a blog post is a day that I (really) am too busy.
  4. The last movie I saw was Zombieland - we're still quoting from it, haha and the next movie I want to see is Kick Ass (totally agree with Lauren there) and Ponyo - why haven't I seen that yet?!
  5. My favorite smell is roast vegetables because it means I'm about to eat some...
  6. A weird little quirk I have is I like to do everything in round numbers - if I have to decide on a number it usually ends in an 0 or 5...
  7. When I take personality quizzes they always say I'm exactly how I am - how do they do that??

And here are some amazing links for you from my browsing this week - I've really fell in love with blogging again today - I found some great new blogs and I've been slowly sorting my blogroll out and reminding myself of blogs that I still love - hurray for blogging!
  1. Make your own mozerella cheese?! I need to do this!
  2. This is one of those ideas that I wish I had thought of: blogging around the world. Enjoy.
  3. My all time favourite outfit is in this perfect yellow post - can you guess which one it is?
I am super excited about this weekend - so far our plans are: a beer festival, yummy curry round our friends, baking, sleeping and making a serious dent in Mass Effect 2!

Have a great (and hopefully sunny) weekend!
p.s. I completely forgot to mention this before but I wrote a guest post for the lovely Chrystal at Geez Louise about my ideal home - if you're interested then click here .