Things I love and some great links...

It is miserable and wet outside here in Leeds (which isn't really a surprise) so I thought I would cheer myself up with some of my favourite things from last weekend!

This little pup... I love how his little leg sticks out!
and incidently my pj's and yellow cardigan I am wearing in that photo as well.
oh and the glimpse of my Mum's knee at the bottom...

Watching fuji instax film develop, its far too much fun!

Funky wellies!

Deedee, my diana mini and an amazing charity shop bag

(it fits two cameras and my massive purse, huzzah!)

I'm also loving:
  1. polaroids from Paris (here and here)
  2. the beach in the sunshine
    (and more fujis from a diana instant back, love!)
Is it bad that my feet are in nearly of all the photos..?
Have a great weekend!