I love the beach... even in the snow!

On Sunday we went to Cromer... and it snowed! I have never seen snow at the beach before (I don't think...) and despite the cold as it started to clear up it did look rather pretty with the snow on the cliffs.

As it was quite cold, it took alot longer for these to develop, but watching them was absolutely fascinating and I can honestly say I am hooked on this camera!

Doesn't my sister's pose look amazing in the photo above - she wasn't doing that until I actually took the photo, I think the waves caught her by surprise :)

These last two pictures were taken by Boyfriend (as I am in one of them) Harry is also in it too - he wasn't meant to be but he ran in apparently... you can kind of tell that he's being dragged out again, haha!

I love how there is a slight bleed of purple on the right hand side of these photos - I still have no idea why but it definitely adds something to them!

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