Gem Award Questions and Answers!

Yeay! So here are the questions and answers from last weeks Gem Award from Cassie (finally!)

Sara asked me:

How much do you like chocolate?
I loooovee chocolate so so much! Most people who know me don't ask what I'm having for dessert or what type of cake I would prefer - if there is a chocolate choice then I am having it! My love for chocolate is only limited to milk chocolate though (preferably Cadbury's please) - I really don't like white or dark chocolate.

and what is your favourite word?
My favourite word is lovely. You've probably seen me using it alot on here and it got to the point of where every comment I wrote had it in there somewhere - I had to stop myself from writing it. I love the sound of it and I love the meaning of it!

Cassie asked me:

Which beach in the UK is your favourite and why?
I would have to say Wells-Next-The-Sea (see numerous posts) Not only do I have fond memories of there as a child (mainly the sweet shop and the park) but I have great memories of there as an adult as well (mainly the sweet shop and the park!) and Harry loves it too, it was the first beach we took him on and he had far too much fun!

Saskia asked me:

What would your perfect day in London be?
Now this is quite hard for me to answer - I have two views of London - one as a tourist and one as a resident. Living there we used to love going to the Holloway Market on a Saturday (look for the bag stall! I brought so many during the year we were there.) Then heading to Wood Green (the nearest Cineworld) to go watch a film before going to the best Italian restaurant in Finsbury Park for dinner. I sometimes really miss our little studio so much.

My perfect day as a tourist though would involve breakfast, lunch and dinner at amazing restaurants (there are so many to choose from), a trip to Harrods just to look around and get some macaroons, a walk along the Thames, a look around the Tate Modern and a few hours in Covent Garden - I adore Covent Garden! Preferably it would be at christmas where the lights look amazing and the atmosphere is like nowhere else in the world. I miss London!!

and where would your dream place to live be?
By the beach in a little cottage with a garden and some dogs.
(Short and sweet)

Molly asked me:

What is the typical day in the life of Rhianne?
I apologise in advance Molly as my typical day is really quite dull. I always oversleep, I am so rubbish at getting up, then I get ready for work and get the bus to work (fun). I then spend most of my day sat at a desk either doing work or reading/writing blogs. I get the bus home and finally get to see Boyfriend (the highlight of my day!) we then make dinner together and catch up on TV or play on the Xbox or watch a movie. Weekdays are so monotenous aren't they? We have more fun at the weekends I promise!

Diana asked me:

Why did you get started in photography and shooting film?
I have always loved film photography. The first camera I ever used as a child was a 35mm camera - the first camera I loved was a 35mm camera. I have never had a digital camera that I have loved. I got a small Kodak one for university which I dropped in my second year and never got round to replacing and even now I borrow my Boyfriend's or use my phone (which admittedly does have a good camera) if I need to take a photo.

For some reason digital never took off for me - it was too easy to take loads of pictures of nothing - too easy to put them on my computer and forget about them. I never held them in my hands after taking them, I never waited excitedly for them to develop and I felt the urge to pose, check and retake a digital photo when I wasn't happy with it ruined the spontaneity of photography, especially when out with friends or visiting somewhere new.

Falling back into using 35mm film was an accident really... even though I knew I wanted to do something different, something just for me, I didn't plan on it being photography and I think if I hadn't started this blog then I never would have brought my holga camera (or any of the others) Taking photographs with film felt a bit like coming home, almost like the years I spent doing painting and drawing at college or design at University were mearly a distraction as I fumbled through life trying to find what I loved doing the most.

I hope that these you enjoyed these answers and that they made sense! I'm going to pass this award onto Marisa (who tagged me with a music tag which I haven't done yet, sorry!), her bestie and always lovely Micaela and Callie from The Magical Bean*! You can either choose to have your own Q&A post ladies or post pictures of things that you love.

*Callie is also having an amazing gingerbread man ornament giveaway on her blog - she made them herself and I love them! You should definitely head over and enter!

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