A few things...

So I feel like this week has been a bit of a non week on my blog but I have been busy, I promise - here are a few things I've been up too and a couple of reminders :)

~Check out my Dear 16 year old me letter on Red Boots today - I love this idea and think you should definitely send a letter to Wendy as well~

~I am guest posting today at A Simple New Something! I love Shokoofeh's blog so I was so excited to share some of my holga photos celebrating Autumn in Leeds~

~Nicole's giveaway of my prints finishes on Monday,
so if you haven't entered yet, head on over and do so ~

~Don't forget about my giveaway of a Lola's Room print as well ~

~Today is the last day to email me if you want a christmas card from me
I can't wait to start writing them!~

~The Photo Swap deadline is Monday so hopefully everyone's films/cameras will be in the post soon, yeay! I can't wait to see the results~

~oh and thank you to everyone who has voted for my little blog here,
I love you guys~