Things I've learnt from blogs this week...

Woo, its Friday! This week has been wonderful, amazing and hectic all in one go! A huge thank you to everyone who has joined the photo swap – over 40 people so far, that’s about 30 more than I expected and thank you to everyone who has linked to it on their blogs.

I got some great news yesterday which I am so excited about but can’t share with you just yet and I have fantastic things planned for next week and towards the end of the month – are you as excited as I am yet? Hehe!

Before my usual links I wanted to show you this. I saw the link for it on a Cup of Jo last week and I could not believe it when I saw the guy on the left!

I know him!
His name is Josh, he went to the same college as me and moved to London about the same time that we did to start a career as a musician – we even saw him a couple of times (and he said hello) What are the chances that out of a thousand portraits from London the first one I see would be someone I know… and I don’t even know that many people in London! Crazy!

Anyway… I hope that you all have a wonderful weekends! We are finally going to see Up! and I am beyond excited about it!! See you Monday!

  1. I want a polaroid wall of puppies! Especially ones in ties!
  2. More key love... I can't get enough of them at the moment.
  3. Some amazing Halloween cupcakes - I love the fingers!
  4. and finally more yellow love... I just can't help myself...

p.s. Hello to my latest followers - Cassie, Dream Sequins, Ruth (who has a giveaway at the moment) Renee, Manju, Becky, Jana, Rêverie, Melanie, SCH, Sophie, Maddy and Jenny (who is new to blogger and also love cameras...)

p.p.s. Check out Saskia's first giveaway - I would comment but I already have Dr Feelgood (I love) and English Tea... as they are two of my favourites as well! You definitely don't want to miss it!