Over the top blog award!!

Last week the wonderful Missy gave me a blog award! I actually love this girl so please check out her amazing blog! Thanks Missy :)

So basically I nominate six bloggy friends and fill out these questions. Enjoy!

1. Where is your cell phone: right next to my mouse – I get really nervous when I don’t know where it is.
2. Your hair: I just dyed it again – its darker as its getting cold.
3. Your mother: Is my best friend, I’m seeing her on Friday and I can’t wait
4. Your father: is my hero, I can’t wait to see him too.
5. Your favorite food: chocolate, cheese and olives (I’m so indulgent!)
6. Your dream from last night: I only really remember nightmares and luckily I didn’t have one last night

6. Your favorite drink: water and pepsi max!
7. Your dream/goal: Happiness
8. What room are you in: my office
9. What is your hobby: blogging, taking lots of photos, watching tv, playing on rockband
10. What is your fear: being alone.
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years: in a nice house with at least one cat and dog and a garden with Thomas of course
12. Where were you last night: At home making beef stew - yum
13. Something you are not: a boy? lol
14. Muffins: addicted – double chocolate chip please!
15. Wish list items: Polaroid camera
16. Where did you grow up: Norfolk
17. Last thing you did: covered reception at work – fun fun.
18. What are you wearing: New black shoes and trousers, a forest green cardigan and my pretty new cream scarf which was £3 but I love it!
19. Your TV: is on a lot – thank goodness we can record stuff with it now!
20. Your pets: are imaginary
21. Your friends: are amazing (and not imaginary luckily)
22. Your life: is not as bad I think
23. Your mood: anxious
24. Missing someone: I always am.
25. Vehicle: bus.
26. Something you’re not wearing: rings
27. Your favorite store: um, Paperchase I think
28. Your favorite color: yellow
29. When’s the last time you laughed: today
30. When’s the last time you cried: um, a couple of days ago
31. Your best friend: is one of many
32. One place you go over and over: work :/
33. One person who emails me regularly: My Mum
34. Favorite place to eat: Yo sushi!

So. I'm going to tag...

Cassie from Moonface

Enjoy :)