Here's to happiness...

Can you believe it's been month's since mine and Boyfriend's last Here's to Happiness list (inspired by the lovely Naomi of course) it doesn't feel like it was that long ago. Anyway, I'll be honest - I feel awful - sore throat, temperature, cough... you name it - I have it (and so does Boyfriend now - I made him ill too, oops)

So how do you feel better on days like this? Think happy thoughts... and make a list of them!

  1. Aero hot chocolate - it is amazing, I am obssessed.

  2. Daily emails from new, old and best friends!

  3. Knitted blankets

  4. Writing letters

  5. Making christmas lists

  6. Fairy lights and candles

  7. Paw prints in cement

  8. Vintage cameras (possibly a permenant addition to this list)

  9. Big wooly jumpers

  10. Pictures of Harry (my current favourite is above!)

There, I feel a bit better already!

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