A long weekend in Norfolk: Wells-Next-The-Sea

I was hoping to put some Holga photos on here today as I got them developed yesterday and they look so pretty but I don't have access working scanner... so it will have to wait.

Instead I've been playing around with the photos off my (amazing camera) phone and Rollip - another website that creates fake polaroids. I love it!! I know I could just edit them in photoshop myself but where's the fun in that?

There were so many ladybirds on the beach - at one point I had one on my hand and my leg. I had to rescue the one in the photo as it fell on its back. I wish I was back at the beach now and the weather was still as lovely.

p.s. I know I take lots of photos of the dog when I'm at home but he is so cute

and I might not see him now until December...