More Blog Awards...

Eeee, more awards, I can't really believe it!! I'm so excited to be giving more out... though its hard to think of who to give them too as so many are making the rounds at the moment, I love it!
First a thank you to Jessica for the Adorable blog award - you blog is adorable too!
I'm going to give this to Paulina (who I know just got an award from Nicole as well- but her blog is so adorable I couldn't resist) and Lissbeth who also has an adorable blog and twitter page.

Another huge thank you to the wonderful Nicole who gave me this kreativ blogger award, along with a tag of 7 random facts about myself. Thank you for being so lovely to me these past few weeks Nicole! :)

I'm going to pass this onto Crystal Ball, Saskia*, Gabby and Melissa Kaye

7 Random things about me:

  1. I hate brushing my teeth - it always makes me feel ill but I love how clean they feel afterwards.
  2. I go through phases of chocolate cravings - right now I want a Kit Kat chunky!
  3. My little sister is taller than me which I don't think is fair...
  4. I drink alot of water - I love it.
  5. My brightly coloured striped umbrella is my favourite thing at the moment. It makes the horrible weather so much more bearable.
  6. I love going to the pub - the atmosphere is always wonderful and there are so many great ones around here.
  7. I have worn glasses since I was 12 and I'm not really sure what I look like without them...

* Who just became my 50th follower!!! Yes!!! Exciting things are about to happen! Woo!