Things I've learnt from blogs this week...

Yeay its Friday, I'm super excited about the weekend as Boyfriend's Parents are here and its going to be lovely. I hope everyone else has a lovely weekend as well :)

  1. I know this has been bouncing around for a while but I really think that I need some Japanese masking tape... or any coloured tape... I love!
  2. I'm seriously considering having a black painted bathroom, we stayed in a hotel in London last year which had black tiles and it was almost as lovely as this - not sure boyfriend will agree though...
  3. Postits and notes never let me down and this sliced bread notebook is amazing!
  4. I wish I had this wardrobe and could draw as well - I love the yellow hat and shoes.
  5. I really hope I find my happy place one day. That would be brillant!

p.s. Erin from Perfect Sentiment is paying it forward to me which I'm very excited about... I'll sort something out for it next week once I've decided on something to pass on... any suggestions as my mind is completely blank at the moment?