Reason I love Leeds #3

Bon Bons of Leeds

I'll admit that in almost two years of living in Leeds that I had not been into Bon Bon's until Saturday... I had read about it here and here though.

For a chocolate lover like me it was heaven - so many delicious looking chocolate and sweets in one small adorable shop! It was almost too much to take in.

Unfortunately we weren't there to get chocolate for us, we were there to get a birthday present and for £5 we got 9 chocolates in the cutest box and we got it gift wrapped, bargain!

They all looked delicious so it was hard to pick just 9 especially when you are picking for someone else - it would have been so easy to pick ones I wanted (Salt caramel, chocolate mousse... I could go on.)

The birthday girl did let me have one though - an amaretto one that looked like a little cupcake and yes, it was amazing!!