Heres to Happiness...

I had loads of ideas of what to blog about yesterday... and today I've completely forgotten them and I had at least 3 ideas. Disaster! Hopefully they will come back to me during the day....

For now I can gush about my new follower Evelyn :) Check out her lovely blog A Star of Love, I love it...

And I've decided to do another Here's to Happiness list - my last one was in April so I feel its time :)

  1. Wearing summer shoes for the first time during the year and not having to worry about my feet getting wet
  2. A cold glass of water
  3. Eating fresh fruit for dessert (our faves at the moment are oranges, pineapple and kiki, yum)
  4. Long weekends, woo
  5. Sorting out boyfriends wardrobe - I whinge when I'm doing it but he has some nice clothes - possibly more than me!
  6. Chatting to friends I haven't talked to in a while
  7. Looking forward to seeing my family soon (sister on friday and parents & puppy in two weeks, yeay)
  8. bright red nails
  9. brownies
  10. trying on bridesmaid dresses

I love making lists, they really do cheer me up :)