So... I've been keeping a secret from the internet - partly because it wasn't just my secret to keep - but mostly because I wanted to surprise someone with it! If I'd had my way, the whole thing would have been a surprise - but it turns out - weddings need some pretty serious planning and other people need to know about it before hand...

(this did say today's date as well as Hart haha - oh well)

(this did say today's date as well as Hart haha - oh well)

Yup, I said wedding :)

Thomas and I are getting married - today - and I'm so excited!!

I've shared some sneak peak details on Instagram whilst we've been getting the venue ready and of course, taking film photos to share in the future - and we have a hashtag #thomasandrhianne which should hopefully fill with photos as the day goes along (though we're in Norfolk, the phone signal is questionable... but  pictures should emerge at some point we hope).

We also have the most amazing photographer for the day - Katherine Mager - and she's going to take some film photos for us (of course ha) as well as digital and I can't wait for those already! 

Wahhhh, I'm so excited, wish us luck and see you on the other side!! I'll be a MRS!

p.s. I've scheduled posts for the next few weeks :) but I'll be back in October!