Shoe crush...

Is it wrong to dream about one pair of shoes for two months...?

I briefly mentioned a pair of yellow shoes here and I honestly haven't been able to stop thinking about them/searching for somewhere to find them in the UK/crying (well, in my head, I haven't cried over a pair of shoes... yet...) over the fact I can't find any... sob.

They look so lovely with the navy and orange tights (love) in Keiko's amazing outfits. (Another shameless crush, what a great blog and such a pretty lady!)

Does anyone have any clue where I could find them over here? Would I have to order them from the US and pay a bomb in delivery...? Would it be wrong to get them in all three colours?

I think I have a problem...
All photos: Keiko Lynn
Shoes: Her Majesty in Mustard, Seychelles Footwear