Zoe: A few of my favourite memories from Paris...

Hello everyone, my name is Zoe Jade and I usually blog over at Ladybird Likes.

I visited Paris two years ago, and it was on this trip that I really fell in love with photography, and when I got home I applied for (and subsequently got accepted on) an ABC Diploma in Photography. Everywhere you look in Paris there is something exciting or interesting to see, some small detail to capture. It is definitely a city for photographers, the opportunities for photo-taking are endless. Here are a few of my favourite memories from the trip....

flying horses

looking for the hunchback...

...but settling for hanging out with the gargoyles and getting neck ache from looking up all the time

searching for distant lands and feeling like you're on top of the world when you can see an entire city from one point

the fanciest signs you ever did see (why can't London Underground signs look like this?) and getting lost in in the most magical bookshop

eating croissants for breakfast every. single. morning.

making my 'The Little Prince' pilgrimage

hunting down some of my favourite graffiti of all time

sending postcards home via a YELLOW mailbox

Looking at these is making me really miss Paris. Hope you're having a lovely time Rhianne, and thank you for letting me post here while you're away

Zoe xoxo

Suzie: My favourite things about Paris...

Hello Everyone,

My name is Suzie from Little Queue. While Rhianne is off exploring Paris and I am here to share with you some of my favourite things about this beautiful city.

The first sight of ParisParisian Street
French Flag FlyingSculpture inside the Arc de TriompheEiffel Tower

I visited Paris last year and although it was only a short trip I fell in love. I started my photos off with a view of the Eiffel Tower taken from the steps of Sacre Coeur. This photo is particular special to me because it was my first view of the Eiffel Tower.

My favourite thing about Paris was the stunning architecture and the history behind it all. Paris really is a photogenic city there is no doubt about. I am really looking forward to returning to Paris again someday.

Thanks for having me and feel free to drop by Little Queue and say hello.

Suzie x