Everything's the same. Everything's completely different.

One of our wedding photos taken by the extremely lovely and crazy talented Katherine Mager - and its taken on film (we had digital and film hurray) at an abbey ruin, with a real film light leak on our wedding day. Be still my heart... thank you Kat.

Before we got married, everyone told us that 'nothing changes... you're still the same people and life still goes on'. And now that we've been married a month I can see that its true. We're back at work, back to watching our tv shows and films in the evening and now we even have spare time - I'd totally forgotten what that was 1 month ago haha.

But what no one told me is that at the same time - everything is completely different. Sure there's the seemingly obvious things like wearing a wedding ring and changing your name (which someone should have warned me is the biggest faff ever)... but its the surprise times you notice - holding Thomas's hand and feeling the ring there or seeing it on the counter when he's washing up. Getting post that actually shows your new name and the slight bewilderment of seeing it on paper. Perhaps at some point I'll be so used to these things that I barely notice but I kind of hope not, I want to enjoy it all as much as I can.

After the wedding, Thomas asked me how I was and how I felt and I replied

"I feel like I've gained something I didn't even realise I was missing." 

And that's the best way I can describe it - everything is the same but everything feels different, I feel different, we feel different. I still can't really believe its happened but I like it and now I can't imagine life without that feeling.