You can call me...

An author!
There I am, I added the arrows so you didn't miss it.
(it's on Amazon so its official!)

{An excerpt from the book in the latest Gadchick Magazine, the book has reviews of all new apps.}

So what did I write?

I wrote a guide book for one of my favourite online magazines, Gadchick,
for Android phone photographers.

Even though I predominantly use my film cameras, I ALWAYS have my phone with me and I love using it for spur of the moment photos along side my film cameras or in situations where film isn't really practical. As well as tips for better android photography, I tested 30 different camera apps and included my thoughts on each which was actually a great process for me as I learnt to appreciate my little phone for so much more than its calling/texting abilities and to embrace digital photography as a different way to express myself.

You can now buy your own copy from Amazon for your Android or Kindle so if you have an Android phone please check it out, and if you do get it, let me know what you think!

Rhianne - Author :)

Gadchick Issue 2!

Today is a very exciting day! 

Today is the day that not only can I call myself a blogger, designer, cad monkey and photographer... but I can also call myself a Freelance Writer!! Um, WOW!

I've written a short post for Gadchick before, but recently Diana contacted me about writing a Gadchick Ebook for Android Photographers, testing and reviewing a variety of Android apps, and Gadchick Issue 2 contains an excerpt of that Ebook, the Ebook that I wrote, haha!!

Issue 2 of Gadchick is all about photography and contains other brilliant articles by the amazing people you see above including Meg, Chelsea, Diana and Aline, who I just love. So if you love photography, whether its digital, analogue or with your mobile then
 check it out, you won't be disappointed!!

I'd like to quickly thank Diana, Aline and Scott from Gadchick for thinking of me to do this and believing in me, I never imagined when I started blogging that this would ever be something that I would do (um, I wrote an ebook...) or that I would be part of such a great team.
I am tickled (hello kitty) pink!!

p.s. Dear android photographers, the ebook isn't available quite yet, but it will be soon and of course I'll let you know when it is. There are some pretty amazing apps available on Android at the moment and the book also contains tips from me, so it will be worth the wait, I promise.